Philosophy and Approach

Our philosophy and approach informs how we organize a plan for execution. Hard won business experience that includes great success and some misses helps us observe some common truths. We understand that though companies have different cultures and industries may vary, people are the essence of success.

People and how they are led and aligned is what affords an organization the opportunity to create Big, Breakout Ideas. Organizing people around a plan for execution that can guide and hold the team accountable for performance is at the heart of our approach. This is achieved by the balance and intersection of two paradigms:

  • Vision/Mission with Pragmatism> Strategy and Tactics Linked to Action
  • Leadership with Teamwork> People and Culture Linked to Productive Change

Essentially, we found in our operating roles as CEO, CMO, CSO that, without practical steps to achieve milestones along the vision path, there is in fact NO sustainable business.


Often, dominant leadership that lacks balance to empower and engage teams to permit them to star will over time fail to execute and suffer higher turnover and rates of dissatisfaction.

We begin each engagement with a business and revenue review that helps the management team separate and organize priorities – from the most immediate to the urgent, and those areas that are medium to longer term. Recommended action items are then developed for agreement with management on what work needs to be done in the first few months. Emphasis is on aligning people, strategy, and available resources to execution to achieve goals.

To learn more about how we approach this you can read about understanding the company’s core purpose as a starting point.

We believe that vision without a measured plan leads down many roads but no clear destination.

Former IBM Chairman, CEO Lou Gerstner upon beginning his IBM tenure in the early ‘90s famously quipped “The last thing IBM needs is more vision.” He went on to lead a historic turnaround of a badly performing IBM by taking quick measure and execution of necessary change steps, putting the right people in place, and then holding them accountable for results.


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