Testimonials- what clients and colleagues say

PIB- Bank of American Fork

Role: Advisor to executive team

Peter Klinge has been my go-to advisor for several years. As director of marketing, I needed someone to turn to in challenging situations and I found his advice helped me to have greater clarity and a clearer path forward. At one point, he took my team through a process which helped us all to see issues we were so close to we couldn’t see them. Afterward, we had a better understanding of our role in the bank and what it meant to affect growth more directly.

Christopher Liechty
VP/Director of Marketing
People’s Intermountain Bank

Sound Lounge– Michael Gullo, Executive Producer

Role: Revenue Director, and Board member

I’ve been working with Peter for a little over a year now. He has been dedicated to helping us with business development, and we’ve all learned a lot from his analytical and pragmatic approach. Peter’s researching capabilities have helped us create actionable tasks to achieve our goals, and he has been a part of implementing those tasks as well. Peter is also able to “roll with the punches” and think creatively when problem solving is needed. His assistance is much appreciated, and I look forward to learning more from him!

Argosy Capital– John Kirwin, Founding Partner

Role: Executive Chairman of the Board

Peter’s Board level participation with one of our portfolio companies was critical to the professionalization of the sales and marketing function. He was able to assist management in the development of a strategic plan with creative and yet practical advice. More importantly, and what separates Peter from other business consultants, he assisted with, and participated in, the implementation of tactics which drove results from the strategic plan developed with management.

MTN Capital Partners– Olivier Trouveroy, Managing Partner

Role: Revenue Director and Adviser to the Board

“Peter Klinge has helped one of our portfolio companies institute a systematic and disciplined approach to sales and improve its revenue generation capabilities. He has also instilled a greater sense of accountability among the staff. He is analytical, strategic as well as hands-on and is a great communicator. I would recommend him to any business that needs help in professionalizing its sales and marketing department.” 2013

CAO Group– Densen Cao, President/Founder

Role: Director, Dental Business Unit

“I hired Peter and his firm as interim director to look into our branded dental business unit at the beginning of 2012 when the business unit was at crisis. He showed his analytical and execution skills to help re-organize the business unit with a profit oriented budget in an 8 month period. He worked with the team to put the right marketing message for each key product, to organize the field sales activities, and to setup the dashboard to monitor the performance each area. Peter’s service enabled us to have time to hire a right person to manage the business unit for the future. I would use Peter again for consulting service in the future.” 2012

Savanna LLC– Dan Garrison, President

Role: Adviser to the President/Board

“Peter is a deeply experienced and highly skilled marketing strategist. His contribution to our business was invaluable as we searched for the right positioning and framework for addressing our market. He provided direction, training and a foundation from which we were able to develop our internally executed market analysis, competitive analysis and strategic direction.” 2013

WebMix Marketing– Lee Gientke, founder & President

“Peter is the real deal. If you are looking to grow your company — get Peter by your side and on your team. He is insightful and results focused.” July 23, 2012

OneAccord– Jeff Rogers, co-founder, Chairman, CEO

“Over nearly a decade I’ve had the opportunity to see Peter’s work closely, and, he’s outstanding.  His background in the understanding of the marketplace, trends, growing businesses, and working with tact & care on behalf of owners is first-rate.

Peter has a unique eye in an ability to integrate both marketing AND business development effectively, which are often in “silo’s” in many organizations. ”

Intel– John Raftrey, Corporate Internet Marketing Executive

“Peter is that rare executive with the combination of creativity and business savvy who brings fresh, yet realistic solutions to every marketing challenge.”

Boart Longyear– Holm Oostveen, SVP WW sales

“Peter is a highly experienced marketing executive… focused on improving marketplace positioning of a company, and how to broadcast its marketing and sales message. Peter demonstrates an ability to understand the position of customers, sales and corporate staff; allowing his insights to drive consistent messaging across the entire organization and internal/external stakeholders.”

Chesbro Music- Vanetta Chesbro Wilson, family owner and CEO

“Peter led a team that provided an interim VP sales and marketing talent which provided insight and experience that was critical to the success of numerous company initiative.”