How We Help Companies Grow

Every company we work with is different. This is especially true of founder-led, or family-controlled businesses. The distinct personality of the ownership is often reflected in the culture of the company. This contrasts with public companies where the regular reporting of the financial performance to shareholders guides the discipline of the company and its culture.

We help leaders assess what they need to meet their priorities at a time when the help makes the most sense. Here are typical situations and scenarios business owners and executives discuss with us:

  • Revenue is flat, declining; company leadership dissatisfied with the trajectory;
  • High growth creating challenges in how to profitably scale the organization;
  • Planning for a significant business event and how to lead the transformation or control change, e.g., leadership/succession preparation of new team and roles, acquisition and integration of multiple divisions or companies, full or partial exit of the company.
  • International and global brand expansion

We operate alongside the executives and owners to address their pressing challenges and priorities. We lead in areas of revenue generation and sales management, product, marketing and business development, and general management. We assume roles at levels of the CxO, SVP, and Director positions to lead a business unit or to support the CEO company-wide.

We look at the people, culture, strategies and tactics to inform how to create alignment around vision & mission and excellence in execution.

We provide support as needed in these situations:

  • Executive roles on an interim basis in leadership for marketing, general management, business development;
  • Project roles- business and revenue growth assessments; customer and stakeholder insights and planning;
  • Board and advisory positions to support the C-suite;
  • Business and relationship development to help companies’ access channel partners and resources essential to their growth; typically but not limited to: legal, finance, IT, capital advisers and investors.

Most of the executives we work with lead small to mid-size companies. They contact us because they realize that changes are necessary for the organization to navigate the next stage of growth. They acknowledge that they need an independent perspective from executives who can ramp up quickly to understand the operational priorities to execute.

Company leaders realize that trying to plan and execute changes on their own is difficult to organize and implement with the people, talent, and abilities available inside the organization. Considering a permanent executive hire creates other challenges for the company’s people and culture. This raises questions: What kind of executive (s) do we need? Are we sure what our plan is? How are our people going to view the new executive? How long will the transition take? What if the hire doesn’t work out?

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