Salt Lake Interim Executives

For businesses going through change, Salt Lake interim executives might be the greatest secret you haven’t thought about.

Most businesses aren’t thinking about those pivotal times when they are transitioning between executives.

In those moments, it’s important to not let order fall by the wayside because of the changes.

Klinge Associates steps in on those occasions to help provide stability and direction in the form of our interim executives.

An interim manager can fill either a short-term or long-term roll. Either way, as strategic advisors filling in at the executive level, we can offer direction and leadership during transitional times.

Our interim Executives in Salt Lake City are able to work closely with your team to provide insights and perspectives, while retaining the clear and distinct knowledge that your team brings.

Our background and experience as executive level managers in numerous companies allow us to bring our own perspective and insights to help your company not only survive, but thrive.

For Salt Lake City interim executives, think of Klinge Associates.

How Can We Make a Difference as Interim Executives in Salt Lake City?

As Salt Lake interim managers, Peter Klinge and his team can offer executive level leadership  with a unique outside perspective that allows us to see the gaps.

We are not simply there to make changes. We are there to identify areas of opportunity and growth, while maintaining the aspects of your business that set you apart.

When you work with our Salt Lake interim executives, or interim managers, you are welcoming a member to your team that will help elevate the strength of each of your existing executive board members.

A few of the specific strengths that our outside perspective might bring include;

Clear and unbiased perspective – We don’t just offer new ideas, we are able to speak without the emotional attachments that being a part of the company would usually bring.

Experience with many large companies – Having worked with large Fortune 500 companies, we can offer perspectives that have helped the largest and best company succeed.

Knowledge of the outside world and other markets – Our experience extends beyond the market you exist in today. That means we can offer aspects of other industries and markets that may strengthen yours beyond your previous beliefs.

We Want to be Part of Your Interim Management Solution

Klinge Associates is more than just an executive advisory partner, we hope to become a key strategic adviser to your business. That means we want you to succeed, and we are going to give our very best to ensure that.

We listen to all that your existing team of executives, directors, and managers has to say, then offer our own insights.

We take note of the strengths and recognize areas for improvement, but don’t make any changes until we fully understand what changes may lead to.

We suggest ideas in consultation with your team, to make sure we are not recreating the wheel or chasing old ideas.

In every way, we wish to be a contributing member to the future and success of your company to help you achieve greater heights.

For Salt Lake interim executive management help, call Klinge Associates today.

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