About Us- Revenue Growth

KLINGE Associates’ purpose is to help businesses create profitable sales growth. After many years we learned that small companies struggle most with sustainable and predictable revenue growth. Revenue weakness precludes a business from attaining its growth potential and options for the future.

Our experience is formed by great and diverse experience, and strong relationships to help small to mid-size companies reach their next stage of growth. Whether it’s a family owned business, a company planning to go public or other liquidity event, or an existing public company; we work together to help a CEO/owner reach the next business stage of growth.

Our value is to help grow companies, their people and satisfaction in what they accomplish as an organization. We operate alongside executives and owners to define strategic and tactical priorities, present recommended action items, and then drive execution with the team.

We develop Breakout Ideas and Innovation that represents a Big Idea or Opportunity to propel a company forward. By addressing the goals, culture and values of the organization, we work together to create sustainable revenue growth, and organizational success.

Breakout is a common sports term especially in ice hockey. Through a combination of thoughtful, quick plays, a team shifts from defense to offense. The effect of team work, skill and practice enables a good-to-excellent team to consistently breakout into the offense.

We provide a business-revenue review process that assesses strategic and tactical weaknesses and opportunities. We then review our findings and conclusions with ownership and management and present recommended priority action items. This creates short and medium term plan for execution. Areas of focus include:

  • Value Proposition definition: clarity of the company offer to an ideal customer
  • Critical steps in sales process to improve value to a customer solution
  • Accountability and alignment of team organization to mission
  • Reason ‘Why’ a business exists and thrives

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