Our Services

Klinge Associates has a number of services that help businesses grow. We are there for you when your business needs help moving forward.

We want to be your partners in taking your business to the next level, and we can do it in a variety of ways, including;

  • Revenue Growth Consulting
  • Interim Executives
  • Interim Sales Management
  • Business Coaching
  • Sales Process Improvement Consulting
  • Business Succession Consulting
  • Business Management Consulting
  • Business Profit Strategy Coaching
  • Strategic Advisors
  • Transition Consulting

Whether you’re seeking an interim executive to drive sales for several months or need a few hours of coaching each month we can serve your business interests.

We recognize that Utah is a wonderful place full of good businesses like ours, comprised of hard working people that believe in honesty and integrity.

That has led to an abundance of professional service companies that help to make business easier and more successful. We have developed a network of professional relationships that are an important resource for any growing business.

Professional services include a range of things such as financial advisers, accounting firms, technology providers, architects, engineers, business coaching, sales consulting, revenue growth advising and more.

Reputable financial consulting firms include Advanced CFO and Now CFO, who help businesses with accounting, temporary controllers, temporary CFO and more.

Investment and lending groups are other options that can help growing companies with needed capital. This includes private equity partners MTN Capital Partners and Argosy Private Equity, and Capital Pro Partners, and Anchor Financial for loan options.

We can recommend a variety of respected technology providers like Gencom, JIVE Communications, Journey Team and VLCM for specific telecom, software and technical solutions.

Like these fine local companies, Klinge Associates fills a similar role for strategic consulting and executive advisory needs.

The services that Klinge Associates provide to businesses every day allow them to step over the roadblocks and tripping points that they might otherwise face.

When businesses sees unnerving plateaus with sales or flat revenue, we can offer our Interim Executive services to offer a temporary, objective consultation that helps you through the challenges.

If you have seen struggles hiring the right people to increase profitability, or implementing the right strategies to penetrate new markets, our Strategic Advisors and interim sales management can bring clarity and direction.

Having worked with so many companies, we know common reasons for these struggles, therefore we are able to suggest ways to overcome them.

Perhaps most important, we can approach your challenges with a fresh perspective that sees things differently and in ways that haven’t been identified.

Because we are not affected by a company’s past, our business coaching role provides a clear, fresh perspective to arrive at new solutions with you to overcome barriers to growth.

Furthermore, as experienced interim executives and profit business coaches, we bring years of success and knowledge that can lift your company revenue even higher than perhaps you ever thought possible.

Your business is important to you, and our business is helping your business succeed.

We would be happy to answer your questions and share our approach to helping your business grow.

Reach out to contact Peter Klinge directly by email at peter@klingeassociates.com or at 801-755-6820