Utah and Beyond

Klinge Associates provides professional business consulting services throughout our home state of Utah and beyond.

We love Utah, and the wonderful people here.

We love the pioneer heritage and spirit that drives the people and the businesses of Utah to work hard, never give up, be creative, and always do work you can be proud of.

That spirit goes into everything we do as a business. We want to be known as trustworthy Utah strategic advisors, dependable interim executives in Utah, and revenue growth strategists that any pioneering person would be proud to call neighbor.

We sit on advisory boards for many companies here in Utah already, so we know the importance of dependability, integrity, and honesty.

We also step in as interim executives or transition consultants for succession planning and changes to company ownership.

We would love to see how we could help your business to grow, increase revenue, and make it through the challenges of transition.

Give us a chance to provide a free assessment and evaluation of your business to determine how we can best help you.

Utah business consultants

Don’t think we only do business in Utah though.

We have been helping companies throughout the United States for years. We work with businesses who need help with revenue growth, sales process improvement, executive consulting and more.

That takes us to cities across the US both large and small.

We work with each company as if its our first and only client. That means you can feel the kind of attention and effort that you would expect from someone working directly as part of your company.

That gives you an opportunity to work with the best, without having to spend the exorbitant costs it would take to recruit, hire, and employ the best.

We become an extension of your team. We become part of the solution.

Wherever you are, anywhere in the United States (and perhaps out of the U.S. if the opportunity sounds exciting!) we can help you.

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We provide the following services for businesses in Utah and beyond.

  • Revenue Growth Strategy
  • Interim Executives
  • Business Consulting
  • Business Coaching
  • Sales Process Improvement
  • Sales Process Development
  • Transition Consulting
  • Succession Plan Consulting
  • Interim CEO
  • Interim CFO
  • Interim CMO
  • Interim CXO
  • Interim SVP
  • Interim Director
  • Board Advisory
  • Business Development Consulting
  • Capital Advisors
  • Business Growth Assessment
  • Revenue Growth Assessment
  • Stakeholder Planning

Schedule your business-revenue review process that assesses strategic and tactical weaknesses and opportunities. Call us at (801) 755-6820