Provo Utah

Klinge Associates is your trusted Provo Utah strategic advisers.

We know you have worked hard to understand what it takes to successfully run a business. We’ve put in our own work to know how to help businesses like yours.

In our years of experience, we’ve worked in a variety of roles including executive level positions with well respected companies.

Since then, we have filled roles such as interim executive, revenue growth consultants and profit business coaches for numerous companies.

That experience has brought a level of knowledge, experience, and understanding that allows us to help your company succeed in ways you may have never achieved before.

We work with companies throughout the country, but we have a special place in our hearts for Utah since this is where we call home. Provo, Utah and the surrounding areas of Utah County have proven to be quite the force when it comes to business.

As part of the Silicon Slopes, it makes sense that Provo area businesses are innovative leaders in a variety of industries, including tech.

Whether its in tech or any other type of business, when it comes to business transition consulting, succession plan strategy, interim sales, interim executive contracting, or business coaching, we can step in to help you achieve your goals.

Klinge Associates is your trusted partner for any of these business needs. We can work with you temporarily or longer as needed to help your business break through barriers that may be holding you back.

We are experienced at improving sales processes, creating succession plans and strategies, stepping in as interim executives, and facilitating your business transition to another generation or new ownership.

What that means for you is that you are able to find peace of mind in your growth strategies, knowing you can accomplish your goals.

With that knowledge, your investors and employees will be able to see the potential and future for your company. They will see the new opportunities this growth presents for them, and where it could lead.

Peter Klinge Jr. and the Klinge Associates team want to be your trusted business growth and strategy partners for today and the future to come.

Klinge Associates Loves Doing Business in Provo, Utah

When Klinge Associates gets the opportunity to drive around the point of the mountain into Utah County, we get excited about the chance to work with some of the most humble, honest, and ethical people in the world.

Provo, UT business consulting needs are no different than other places. They want a strategic business partner they can count on to live up to their word, deliver exceptional results, and stand by their work.

Provo has been proving its worth ethic since the first settlers broke ground in 1849. It took some time for real growth to happen, primarily due to challenges associating with the native Ute tribe in the area.

Eventually, Provo and the surrounding area saw an increase of families settling in to farm, work their trades, and eventually begin manufacturing local goods.

Even then, Provo and Utah County businesses saw the benefit of consulting with other experts to increase their production, quality, and results.

Providing executive consulting or any other business strategy services takes competency and confidence. Klinge Associates respects the way that Provo area businesses work, and we know we need to earn your trust.

Fortunately, we know who we are, and we are confident you will see we are the right strategic partners for you.

How can Klinge Associates Show we do Things Differently?

You may have many options when you are seeking Interim Executives, Sales Process Consultants, Revenue Growth Consultants, Strategic Advisers and Business Coaches. We appreciate that you are considering all the ways Klinge Associates can work with you.

We work with your team to understand the challenges you may be facing first before ever trying to offer our advice. It is important that we learn about everything that makes your business special.

We respect that each business has developed unique characteristics while working through their growing pains. Your business is no different. We take those special things and enhance them with sound strategies that can elevate your business to the next level.

Our team has been proving that a sound strategy includes learning from those who have gone before. Our background includes working in C-level executive background roles.

We have filled roles in management, marketing, key account management, and strategic advisers for boards.

Bottom line, you can count on Klinge Associates to deliver excellent direction and trustworthy advice to help your company grow.

As important as it surely is for you, it’s important for us to spend our time working with the right types of businesses. Because of that, we offer a free company assessment and consultation first to help determine if working together makes sense.

This is an excellent way to begin the journey of helping your business grow to new and exciting levels. Contact us today.

Reach us by emailing or at 801-755-6820