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Klinge Associates provides unique solutions as Lehi Utah Sales Process Improvement Consulting partners.

That means we are here to help your business grow with a combination of experience and innovative approaches to sales management, and organizational alignment.

We regularly fill roles for companies such as sales advisors, interim executive consultants, business transition consultants, profit business coaching, or revenue growth consultants.

Klinge Associates becomes an extension of your business to help you take things to the next level.

Working with your team, we address the challenges that impede growth.

We work together to find alignment for executing a growth plan with tangible results.

Through this sales process improvement strategy, insights into barriers and limitations will become evident and achievable.

For example, how to increase revenue and profitability from existing customer accounts; and how to analyze existing accounts to define the ideal target prospects for net new business.

As business interim executives, we offer guidance to help you confidently move your company forward into the future. Why are WE confident? Because we’ve done this many times in running our own businesses and advising others.

Our mission: Effective strategies tailored to your particular business scenario with real results.

We do this as strategic consultants and partners, almost as another arm of your business that you haven’t had to flex before.

With our experience and your differentiating values, we can accomplish more than you might think possible.

Lehi Utah business coaching and consulting

Lehi, Utah Expects the Best From a Sales Process Improvement Consultant

The Silicon Slopes of Lehi Utah have been earning a reputation as a leading tech industry business headquarter.

There are many well respected companies planting a flag in Lehi as they continue to recognize the level of talent in this market.

As top companies like Adobe, Vivint, and IM Flash increase their presence, other industry leading companies will follow.

That means to compete for talent with those businesses, your company needs to elevate its game.

That’s where we can help.

Klinge Associates has been working as revenue growth advisers, sales process improvement consultants, interim revenue executives, profit business coaches, and transition consultants for many respected businesses.

We can do the same for yours.

We spend time learning about your company and all that makes it unique and different.

We then figure the best strategy to help fill the gaps or make up the difference so your company can accelerate forward.

That’s why Lehi Utah businesses trust us.

Lehi Utah Business Consutlting-Klinge Associates

The Way Klinge Associates Does Things is Different

It takes the right kind of business coach to see a company for what it is, recognizing its strengths and limitations.

Many strategic advisors are quick to jump into fixing things before they even understand the real challenges.

At Klinge Associates, we make sure not to allow our experience and success lead us to overconfidence.

That’s why we start every new partnership with a thorough evaluation and assessment to reveal the truth and provide direction for our consultation.

We are determining how we can best help you, and where you can see the greatest growth and improvement.

This also provides us with an understanding of your company as a whole; the people, the industry, the market, and the possibilities.

Once we are able to see things clearly, our role as revenue growth consultants and strategic advisors becomes stronger and easier.

In the end, we work closely with your team to carry out the plan we develop.

This plan is the secret to progress and growth, and increased profits.

revenue growth consultant in utah-klinge associates

Klinge Associates is made up of professionals with experience as executives and revenue growth consultants.

We’re happy to be your Lehi Utah Sales Process Improvement Consulting partners.

We’ve sat on boards as executives and advisors. We have led teams through marketing and sales process development.

We have helped companies turn around and see dramatic increases in revenue and success.

Suffice it to say, we know what we’re doing, and we know how to help you.

Give us the chance to earn your business. Reach us by emailing peter@klingeassociates.com or at 801-755-6820