Ogden Interim Executives

When a business is needing to pivot, it helps to have the guidance of reliable interim executives. For Ogden interim executives, businesses count on Klinge Associates.

Peter Klinge has built a team of experienced and trustworthy business consultants who have years of experience as interim executives for a number of businesses large and small.

We have stepped in for both short-term and long-term projects, and successfully made a difference in both scenarios.

We take a consultative approach to developing an effective and sustainable strategy that your business can implement now, and stick with through the future.

We work closely with your team to ensure the unique aspects of your business are carried through, while bring outside ideas and practices that are consistent with the realities of the current market.

This allows us to develop a customized and unique plan that will carry your business beyond any current limitations it faces.

What Do our Ogden Interim Executives Do?

Fair question.

When you work with us to be your Ogden Interim executive, also called interim management, it’s when you are seeking an experienced person to step in and act as an executive level leader for periods of time where there is change.

This change is often due to something such as a critical issue within a company, a transition in leadership, or other general changes.

The interim manager has the ability to bring clear perspective, along with extensive experience, that allows for necessary change.

Our Ogden Interim Executives become a trusted part of your team for as long as they are needed. They then simply step aside once the solutions are in place and the change has been accomplished.

board meeting ogden interim executive

What Are The Advantages of Interim Managers?

Interim Executive Managers have the ability to bring a cast skill set with other great benefits.

Some of the most obvious benefits include;

Extensive Knowledge – Not only do our interim executives bring knowledge that may not exist within the company currently, they are able to then leave that knowledge with your company for the future.

Extensive Experience – Along with the knowledge we have to offer, we also bring our experience working with companies such as Procter & Gamble, Pepsi Cola,Procter & Gamble, Compaq Presario, Unilever’s Dove Brand, and IBM’s Laser Printer (now Lexmark)

Unbiased Objectivity – Your company operates within a box. That box may be good, but it is surely limited because it does not allow visibility of everything. We are not limited by that box, so we often have insights previously not obvious to others.

Trust Klinge Associates Interim Executive Managers

We know you could have many choices when you need help with your business. We hope you’ll allow us to be your first choice.

We can fill in as interim executive advisory board members to help guide things from the top.

We can also step in and help lead from the front as needed.

Whatever your need, we are happy to help your company take things to the next level.

Contact us by emailing peter@klingeassociates.com or at 801-755-6820