Ogden Business Succession Planning

If you own a family business, you will eventually come to need our Ogden business succession planning services.

That’s because there comes a time when the family business will pass from one generation to the next. This can be a complex and challenging time.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Not when you can have a partner on your side that has helped with so many varieties of business transition consulting in the past.

In those trying times, when making the right decisions not only effects a family, but the good people that have come to trust the business for their livelihood, it’s imperative to do things right.

It’s also necessary to make sure emotions don’t cloud sound judgement and hurt the progression of a business.

That’s where we come in to play.

We offer clear perspective, unbiased input, and honest feedback to help your business stay true to the course and come out on top.

How Does Klinge Associates Help With Your Business Succession in Ogden?

To answer that it is necessary to understand what all business succession planning includes.

Put simply, business succession planning is about finding replacements for old leaders who are ending their careers due to retirement, health leave, or the unfortunate realities of death.

The goal is to find individuals from within the company to develop, cultivate and train for these new and greater roles.

Very often these younger people are family, or at the very least trusted employees who have become like part of the family.

This effort of identifying, teaching and training is a form of talent-pool management that helps a business see beyond the present.

In succession management, this effort is often guided by consultants who are trained and experienced in helping other businesses. That is the role that Klinge Associates fills.

Our business succession consulting involves developing the identified potential replacements in their skills, knowledge, understanding, and the unknown aspects of their new roles.

It is our goal to develop the “bench strength” of a company so they don’t fall short in their succession planning goals.

Let Klinge Associates be that partner you trust for your business succession planning in Ogden Utah and anywhere else.


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The Specifics of Business Succession Planning and Consulting

The steps typically involve with succession planning and transition consulting are often like putting a puzzle together.

Done correctly, with the right pieces in place, you can create a masterpiece.

Here is what that typically looks like;

  • We work closely with your team to determine current employees with greater potential and the desire to do more for the company.
  • We help develop and implement a training process to improve the talents of the identified people and help them work towards their new roles.
  • Involve current leaders to help with the training and development process.
  • Work with current employees to ensure support of upcoming changes.
  • Assist with the leadership team to establish an ongoing plan for future company success and growth.

When you are facing the coming changes of handing off your business to a new generation, remember that Klinge Associates has been helping companies with this for a long time.

We are happy to answer questions, so feel free to reach us by email peter@klingeassociates.com or phone 801-755-6820