Do You Still Read? Holiday Reading List Review…

Have you heard that people don’t read much beyond what they snack on digitally with various feeds on their smart phone?

I don’t have the readership facts on hand. It appears difficult to find time to read thoughtfully and critically. Below is a review of a wide range of books you may find useful.

My family asked me to clear out the home office stacks of books so I read a lot the last few weeks. By New Year’s Day I pretty much got through the books I wanted to.

My reading ranges from business, to novels, biographies, history, and reviews of global policies. Here’s a sample of what I read recently and highlights of each.

Business biographies—  Autobiographies of 2 regional entrepreneurs from Utah.

Larry H. Miller’s  DrivenLarry Miller built Larry H. Miller Enterprises into a billion dollar business consisting of one the largest automotive dealer groups in the country, theaters, and shopping malls. He’s probably best recognized for his ownership of the Utah Jazz NBA franchise in Salt Lake City. He passed away in 2009.

He admits to being a micro manager. He grew up in business with no formal background or education. Starting in the parts department of an auto store he found his gifts, and then began to buy his own auto dealerships.

His hard charging style and emotions on his sleeve personality led him to take on one project after another. Always in motion he overworked at the detriment of his personal life and health which he acknowledges later in his career but too late to reverse his health decline.

Good read on a business leader who gave much to his community. Equal parts what to do and NOT to do in business leadership.

Bill Child’s  How to Build A Business Warren Buffett Would Buy… The R.C. Willey Story. An uplifting business story from Chairman Bill Child who in the mid 50’s was thrust into the CEO spot of the small appliance retailer when his father in law and the namesake founder became ill and died.

Interpersonal skills

Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes are High by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler. Great how tos in this practical book on addressing communication challenges in personal and business life.


Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek. Helpful guide to asking of ourselves a basic question about the purpose of individual labors and the work we contribute to in business.


What the U.S. Can Learn From China: An Open Guide to Treating Our Greatest Competitor As Our Greatest Teacher by Professor Ann Lee. The professor delivers an interesting perspective from both a Chinese and American point of view. Born in China Professor Lee and her parents and family came to the US while she was still in grade school to make a new start.

Well educated with a Wall Street investment banking career behind her she presents views on wide ranging topics about China and how the US can learn from this country. A bit later she provides her insights on the what China can learn from the US. The book’s subject matter includes comparisons on government and political structure, economic and fiscal planning, entrepreneurship, cultural values.

A new book I’m reading Infinity of Being: In the Beyond by Sandra Eells Klinge is a fascinating spiritual and existential novel full of adventure and thoughtfulness.

Peter Klinge works hands on with company owners and executives to help their companies grow to achieve their desired goals.

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