Club of Super Rich, Super Vote Public Companies

Tech companies generate much excitement around their potential to “change the world” and the riches the investors hope to gain from the promise of an IPO. Facebook, Google, Twitter, and now the buzz of Snapchat or Snap Inc. as it … Continue reading

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Why Can’t People Get Along?

People getting along and aligned to execute against business objectives is key to a successful enterprise. Today we have technology that enable information systems and modes of communication that make it easier for people in organizations to link, even remotely. … Continue reading

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One Family Business over 3 centuries- The Story of Klotzli Knives

One family controlling a business into its 6th generation defies almost all the odds. Typically few family owned businesses succeed or exist beyond the third generation. Hans Peter Klotzli says ” it’s very difficult; we’ve had very challenging times”… when … Continue reading

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